What exactly is a “Cedar Haven Reader?”

Good question! For years I’ve enjoyed jotting down little snippets and stories that revolve around my family’s beloved Cedar Haven, our island summer cottage nestled along the pristine northern shores of Lake Huron. I’ve enjoyed that special place of dear family memories for over fifty summers and counting. This is simply a collection of those stories. If you get a kick out of sandy cottage floors, clear lakes, old wooden docks, or boat wakes, you just might enjoy these.

Check back every once in a while for new postings (I’ve got a lot of ’em) or follow along for updates when they come out. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any thoughts to share!

“Enjoyed your musings as usual, Jon. You certainly love it up north and spin an eloquent story.” – W. Bauer

“Beautifully written”  – Les Cheneaux Chamber of Commerce

“Well, I just finished “Same Old Sunset” and loved it.”  –  @Michiganographer

“Love your Cedar Haven Reader! Keep it up, Jon!”   –  H. Metz


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Strait Storm

During the early afternoon, high above northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness Area, a clash of atmospheric proportions is about to take place. A dividing line between a hot and muggy air to the south and drier, cooler air to the north has developed. An updraft of that hot soupy air bursts through the layer of … Continue reading Strait Storm

Sunday Morning

This morning would not be for fishing.   Such a pity.   It’s surely shaping up to be a great day for a troll past Brown’s boathouse or a couple of passes along Haven Island or maybe even to scoot over to Autumn Bay to cast or troll.  It truly looks to be a day for catching northern … Continue reading Sunday Morning

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